Dedicated Members Standby During Tropical Storm
By Chief William Lawman Jr.
September 24, 2023

This weekend we had DEDICATED members standby and staff the station Friday night and Saturday during the Tropical Storm event.

Crews staffed both BLS ambulances and several Fire Suppression units. We also had the Department of Emergency Services provide an ALS chase car with a paramedic for our area.

Our Auxiliary provided and prepared food for the crews during the standby on Saturday. We would like to say Thank You to our Auxiliary for their continued support.

The Tropical Storm produced a lot of rain, wind gusts and high tides for our area. The crews responded to a few calls that involved trees across the road, a tree on a house, a BLS ambulance call, and flooding across Route 254 at Hill Road.

During the High Tide event on Saturday evening, crews were able to split staffing at our station to send an Ambulance, Engine and a Brush Truck to the other side of the flooding, to stage at Breeze Farm Recycling Facility. While maintaining crews on the Island for the remaining units.

SHA closed down Route 254 in the area of Hill Road due to approximately 18” of water across the road creating zero visibility of the road lines and drainage ditches on both sides of the road. Road closure lasted approximately 6 hours until the water receded.


Wilda cheseldine September 24, 2023 at 7:33 PM
We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers. It is comforting to know u are there for us.