Apparatus Dedicated in Honor of Members Distinguished Service and Leadership
By Chief William Lawman Jr.
September 22, 2019

On Sunday September 22, 2019 the Cobb Island Volunteer Fire Department and EMS held an apparatus dedication ceremony. At the ceremony we dedicated four pieces of apparatus to distinguished members.


Ambulance 68 - 2014 Ford E450 PL Custom Ambulance

Ambulance 69 - 2014 Ford E450 PL Custom Ambulance

Engine 61 - 2018 PIERCE Enforcer Custom Pumper

Tanker 6 - 2014 Rosenbauer Commander Custom Pumper Tanker

The individuals chosen by the membership are individuals that have held numerous positions over the years and have given their time and commitment unselfishly to the department and their community.


Ambulance 68 - Joellen Lawman Past Deputy EMS Chief

Ambulance 69 - Bernie Shymansky Past Rescue Captain

Engine 61 - Billy Lawman Past Chief and Past President

Tanker 6 - Jimmy Jackson Past Chief

Congratulations to all the recipients for an Honor Well Deserved.