Safe Boating
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By Wesley Jackson, Lieutenant of Boat Operations
May 19, 2017

We are fast approaching Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe it? Summer is upon us! Memorial Day is often noted as the kick-off to summer festivities, including spending time on and around the water. We would like to send a friendly reminder to all to practice caution near the water. Safe boating is the number one priority of summertime fun on the water.

We remind the boating community to use Float plan. This document identifies the type of vessel, time left, destination, number of passengers, and time to return. It should be left with a responsible person prior to any boating outing. A pdf copy can be found below.

Environmental stressors are also important to note. The wind, sun, and waves create extra stress on the body causing fatigue, balance, and dehydration. Always be aware of these items and always have means of hydration. Consumption of alcohol intensifies the effects of environmental stressors. It is always best practice to not boat and drink.

According to the US Coast Guard, in 2015 85% of boating fatalities were result of not wearing a life jacket. The other 5% were medical emergencies and 10% due to trauma from accidents.

The US Coast Guard has endless resources regarding boating safely. Please review the proper wearing of a life jacket here:

Have a great summer and happy boating! Don't forget to WEAR IT!

Attachment USCGFloatPlan.pdf  (382k)